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7 Feb 2017

The Collegian in 1898, The Cestrian in 2017.
The Alumni and Development Office have put in place two key developments in our communications to alumni in 2017, with a view to improving the way in which we can reach as many alumni as possible.
As many of you will recall, The Cestrian was, for many years, an annual publication. Upon the arrival of our Editorial Assistant Amy Owens, this increased to two issues per year. We are now going to return to the annual issue format as of this year, which will include the best of the years’ stories by and for alumni of Chester, as well as obituaries and year notes. The Cestrian will be published in late Spring 2017 – this issue will include the booking form for Annual Reunion. Additionally, our digital subscription list has now reached over 300, and anyone who signs up with us on this website is automatically added to this list – if you are already a paper subscriber and would like to join us in being green by receiving your copy via email, let us know at and we will sign you up.
But we didn’t stop there! With The Cestrian returning to its annual format, and with the vastly growing following we have online across our Social Media platforms, we are launching a Chester Alumni Blog:
This will be updated regularly, and will take in a wide array of stories, updates and articles which simply can’t wait! Our ‘Welcome’ blog is live and we have big plans for both one-off and ongoing series of blogs to show both the history and the future of Chester Alumni, whether you left us 1, 10 or 50 years ago.
Fiona says: “As we have a growing alumni, we have more members sharing their news and more information we want to circulate.  Now is the time for a step change in our communications: we can reach more alumni via digital means and at a faster pace than we have been able to previously.  Likewise, we look forward to our alumni being able to contact us!”
We aim for this new and improved combination of an annual edition of The Cestrian, together with our Chester Alumni blog, to reach and engage with more of our alumni community than ever before, so we can continue to make new connections, find friends old and new and share your stories since Chester with us. If you would like to contribute to our new blog, then email or telephone Fiona or Helena on 01244 511091 - we would be pleased to hear from you.

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