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4 Dec 2017

And the Cestrian Award Academic Strand winners are…
The Alumni and Development Team are delighted to announce that the Cestrian Award Academic Strand 2017 has been awarded to Sophie Roberts and Victoria Bounds, two Archaeology students.1.jpg
Sophie and Victoria have organised ‘Digging into the Dark Ages: The Third University of Chester Archaeology Student Conference’ on December 13 at the Grosvenor Museum in Chester.
Twenty one final year Archaeology students will give presentations alongside two guest speakers, Dr Chiara Bonacchi (UCL) and Dr Adrian Maldonado (University of Glasgow). Sophie and Victoria will be using the funding from the Chester Alumni Fund to cover their printing costs and refreshments for around 60 attendees.
Invitations to the conference have already been sent to key academic figures, local and regional historical and archaeological societies, museums and commercial archaeologists. The conference is free and open to all, beginning at 9am.
Howard Williams, Professor of Archaeology at the University, said: “The conference will allow students to present their findings on archaeology’s relevance today. This conference explores a theme relating to archaeology’s public perceptions and engagements. The present day uses and abuses of the ‘Dark Ages’ will be investigated, from museum and heritage contexts, to media and fiction.
“This event will benefit the students in their degree programmes, providing networking opportunities, building their team working skills and providing conference organisation experience. The transferable research and communication skills will benefit them in postgraduate research, the heritage sector, or indeed in any career they enter which involves the need to research and present focused topics connecting archaeology, heritage and wider society.”
Professor Meggen Gondek, Head of Department for History and Archaeology, said: “As Head of Department, I fully support this student initiative. It offers students a number of transferable skills and the procurement of funding will enable them to craft a professional and complete experience for delegates.”
The Chester Alumni Fund was created to help support current students with their academic studies, sports and other extracurricular activities. The fund is supported by donations from our alumni.
The Academic Strand is the newest addition to the Cestrian Award and was created to support student-led academic activities such as conferences, workshops or seminars. We are currently the only area in the University providing funding for these types of activities.
For more details and to apply, please visit: The next round of applications closes March 1, 2018.
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