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3 Aug 2016

Shropshire-based alumni attended a special drinks reception at the University Centre Shrewsbury (UCS) recently, making it the first alumni event to be hosted there since its establishment.

The inaugural event took place before a lecture, presented by the University of Chester’s Vice-Chancellor, Professor Timothy Wheeler, which gave an insight into economic development and the challenges ahead for Shrewsbury.

Supported by members of staff and the University for Shropshire Advisory Board, guests enjoyed the opportunity to network and to view the new campus for themselves, with questions answered as they toured the building.  The alumni who attended were from as early as 1952, right up to 2014.

The lecture explored the impact of local, national and global trends for the economy of Shrewsbury and the county over the short-term.  In addition, Professor Wheeler identified the challenges and opportunities in a post-Brexit economy and to what extent these could be understood, predicted and controlled.

UCS has been established by the University of Chester and Shropshire Council to create a range of educational, social, cultural and economic benefits.

The ‘Economic Development in the 21st Century - Challenges for Shrewsbury: Reconciling Continuity with Change’ address is part of the Baxter Lecture Series at UCS by higher education leaders.

The final lecture in the series will be presented by UCS Deputy Provost, Paul Kirkbright, on Wednesday December 7.  The lecture titled ‘Ambitious Economies, Ambitious Universities’ will also be held at Guildhall from 7pm.

 The lectures are open to everyone.  To book places for the lectures, or if you are a former University of Chester student and would like to find out more about the reception, email or call 01743 297185.

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