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27 Jul 2017

Fine Art alumna presents her latest collection
Former student, Emma Grzonkowski, presented her latest artwork collection titled ‘Alter Egos’ at Castle Fine Art gallery in Chester.
Caption: Emma Grzonkowski
 More than 50 guests visited Castle Fine Art at The Grosvenor Shopping Centre on Saturday (July 15) to meet the artist herself and discuss her ‘Alter Egos’ body of work.
Emma graduated from the University with a degree in Fine Art and Graphic Design in 2009. She found her artistic direction whilst studying for her degree. Emma said: “Chester is where I truly established myself as an artist, and where my art career began, so I couldn’t think of a better place to launch my new collection.”
Influenced by the femme fatales of modern culture, Alter Egos focuses on the four dominant facets of Emma’s own inner dialogue: ‘The hopeless romantic’, ‘the destructor’, ‘the manipulator’ and ‘the warrior’.

Emma added: “Alter Egos was many months in the making and there was a real process behind creating each character, so it was wonderful to share this with visitors and talk through my ideas and inspirations. It was my hope that people viewing the body of work would feel they could take on the strong sides of their alter egos and feel empowered in their everyday lives.”
Frances Woodhouse, Gallery Manager at Castle Fine Art, said: “Emma is a fantastic local artist so it was a pleasure to welcome her to the gallery to meet our guests and discuss Alter Egos. Visitors were able to delve deeper into Emma’s processes and techniques, and learn more about her previous collections and how she established herself as an artist. We hope everybody left feeling very inspired.”
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