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20 Jul 2016

Final year international students studying a BA (Hons) Business Administration, enjoyed a special end of year celebration at the Queen's Park Campus recently. Chloe, who has been with us for the past week and a half on work experience, attended the event with Helena Astbury, Alumni and Development Officer at the University. Here's Chloe's report:

On Monday 11th July, 14 students from different corners of the world came together to celebrate the culmination of their University experience.
These students achieved their BA (Hons) Business Administration degrees from the University’s Business School. These graduates unfortunately cannot remain in the UK for the official graduating ceremony next year, but of course didn’t miss out at all!
They were handed special certificates and awards, well deserved, and afterwards have a refreshment hour in the Churchill House at the Queens Park Campus and say their goodbyes before setting off individually to their home countries. There were also three Special Recognition Awards handed out by the Programme Director of the International Study Centre at the Faculty of Business and Management, for their hard work and contributions to the courses they were on.
Helena Astbury, Alumni Development Officer at the University of Chester had the important role that day of trying to keep good translations between the students and the university when they leave. The use of cards, freebies and booklets all supported this and made the day end successfully.
It was exciting but somehow upsetting to see these wonderful, well-educated students leaving and wishing farewell to each other and their teachers. Thousands of ‘Selfies’ were taken afterwards so the joyful bunch of graduates could look back on the memorable time spent studying in the UK.
Helena works with many of the University’s alumni and organises events and reunions as well as updating the social media networks. She said: “Graduating from the University of Chester is by no means the end of your relationship with us. The job of the Alumni and Development team is to make sure that anyone in our alumni community worldwide can stay in touch, keep up to date with the developments and successes of the University, and of course let us know about theirs!
“Seeing this group of students celebrate completing their studies today is the beginning of their professional journeys, and we love to hear about and share the successes of our alumni.”
Graduates of the University are automatically a member of the alumni network and their membership is completely free. They can participate in a range of alumni activities, from helping fundraise for great causes for the Universities growth, to organising specific reunions with the people they studied with in their time here in Chester. The University enjoys a fantastic relationship with its international students and the Alumni and Development team would love to hear from anyone wishing to share their story. Email:
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