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14 Jun 2016

The altar in the University’s Chapel has been given a new splash of colour thanks to a creative group of staff and alumnae.  

Following on from the success of the Anniversary Quilt project in 2014, the group were keen to continue working together to find a new project. Their desire to stitch something attracted the attention of the Dean of Chapel, Rev Canon Dr Peter Jenner who suggested that the altar cloth and other items in the Chapel were in need of replacement. More volunteers - two local artists - came forward from the area and everyone got together to form a plan.

The design for the altar cloth was proposed by Christine Garwood, a local artist, and incorporates the Peace Cross made by former lecturer, Fred Starkey. The images of hands are from the makers’ family and friends, and allude to the building of the Chapel, prayer and fellowship. Everyone shared materials, techniques and inspiration to complete the altar cloth in time for the special dedication service earlier this month.

Kneelers will be used for a wedding which is arranged for December and there is still plenty of sewing to do. If you would like to join the group and work on a new set of textiles for each of the liturgical colours, contact:

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