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26 Oct 2017

Two Chester artists are exhibiting their work as part of major celebration of public commissions after being mentored by two outstanding artists in their fields.
Estelle Woolley and Kate Gater are two up-and-coming local artists who will be having their artwork displayed at the open evening of a public launch by two international artists.
Estelle and Kate were selected by Professor Neil Grant, Head of Art and Design at the University of Chester, for mentoring programme, Float. They were mentored by internationally renowned artists, David Cotterrell and Bedwyr Williams. Nayan Kulkarni, who produced the lighting projection ‘Hyre’ for St John’s ruins, has also been mentoring the artists.
DSC_3207.jpgFloat is part of a Cheshire West and Chester Council project, with funding from Arts Council England. Float was initiated to coincide with the launch of the mentors’ commissions. Estelle and Kate’s work will now be shown at the launch of David and Bedwyr’s digital public commissions: 'Maelstrom' for King Charles' Tower and ‘Hypercaust’ for Storyhouse.
'Maelstrom' will be created by projecting light and animation on the canal, creating the illusion of shifting currents within the waterways. 'Hypercaust' is a computer-generated video piece which will bring back to life the Roman Fortress Bathhouse, recreated through historically accurate 3D renderings.
Estelle is an interdisciplinary artist and graduate from the University of Chester. Her work shown on the opening evening will comprise of a playful series of sound sculptures, taking the viewer on a multisensory discovery of the newly renovated King Charles' Tower gardens.
Kate Gater is an artist working with sound and digital technologies, currently undergoing her PhD in Sound Art at the University of Chester. She has produced two surround sound pieces: ‘Fallen but not Forgotten’, made from field recordings of creaking trees which will be sited in King Charles’ Tower, and ‘Deep in the Sacred’, made from recordings of the Cathedral.
Estelle said: “I feel very privileged to have spent time with David, Bedwyr, and Nayan, gaining insight into their individual practices and being given quality critique into my own practice as an artist. Kate and I felt we had a very well rounded mentoring programme where something different was picked up on for development at every meeting.”
Kate added: “The mentoring scheme has been hugely beneficial and interesting. Bedwyr, David and Nayan’s advice, both technical and artistic, has allowed me to develop my own work’s quality and delivery, which I hope shows in my presentation.”
The opening evening is on Friday 27 October at 5pm in Storyhouse, finishing at 8pm in King Charles’ Tower Gardens. Kate’s sound piece, ‘Deep in the Sacred', will be played on the Cathedral's sound system at 3pm on Friday.
The event is open to the public.
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