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20 Aug 2014

Chapel scaffolding.jpg

Restoration work has started on the historic University Chapel at the Parkgate Road Campus, Chester.

The Chapel is an iconic view for all alumni of the University of Chester and a local landmark in the community. 

It is interesting to note that for the first few students, there was no Chapel: they walked up to the Cathedral each day.

By the early 1840s the students began to build the Chapel; quarrying the stone, cutting it, laying the blocks, carving the wood etc.  Much of the work was undertaken alongside their studies, with a small work force and careful supervision.  The Chapel was completed in in five years by 1847: an outstanding achievement by a dedicated team. 

The Chapel has been in constant use for 167 years, and because of this, has started to show a few signs of wear.  This month restoration work by experts has begun.  The stonework, woodwork and tiles will all be carefully repaired and restored to keep the Chapel both safe and revered for many years to come. 

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