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10 Jul 2017

Winners of the Cestrian Award 2017 announced
The Alumni and Development team are delighted to announce that the Cestrian Award 2017 will be awarded to Dr Sian James and Bethany Parsonage. They will be using the award of £500 to aid the creation of teaching resources on Bardsey Island in Wales for schools and community groups.
Sian and Bethany plan to visit Bardsey Island and create a range of teaching resources concerning the fascinating and hard-to-reach landscape of the island. Both Sian and Bethany are secondary school teachers with a keen interest in the ecology and archaeology of the island
Bethany said: “Both Sian and I are passionate about wildlife, nature and learning!  We chose Bardsey Island as our focus because it is an endlessly fascinating place that captures the imagination and inspires the mind with its unique wildlife, history, geographical location and beauty.  We wanted to capture these things and share them with our young learners, hoping to profoundly inspire, motivate and engage.”
Sian and Bethany hope to create a range of teaching resources which will help children learn more about the island without disturbing the delicate landscape. The pair will be spending a week on the island, gathering research in the form of photographs, field sketches and surveys to create a range of teaching resources regarding the flora and fauna of the island and its management.
Sian and Bethany also hope to work closely alongside the small community of artists and wildlife conservationists on the island to create more resources covering aspects such as archaeology, birdlife, conservation and climate.
Bethany added: “We are both incredibly pleased to receive the award, and to be given the opportunity to begin to put these ideas into practice. We are excited to bring a unique, and relatively secretive part of the world, into connection with the curriculum.”
The pair will use the £500 award to help fund their travel and accommodation on the island for a week.
Each academic year, the Alumni Executive Committee offer up to two awards of a maximum of £500 each to current students or staff, as individuals or members of a team. There are two awards available to apply for: The Cestrian Sports Award and the Cestrian Community Award.
If you would like to apply for either of these awards, please click here. Applications must reach us by May 25, 2018.
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