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3 Aug 2017

Alumnus cycles 2,080 miles in 21 days.
A former student has raised over £1,300 by cycling the equivalent of travelling from England to Canada in 21 days.
kevin gill.jpeg
Caption: Kevin Gill

Kevin Gill, 36, who was born in Warrington and now lives in Guildford, cycled 99 miles every day in order to complete the challenge. His route, which began and ended at his home in Guildford, took him through 20 national parks and nature reserves, as well as across England, Scotland, Ireland, Northern Ireland and Wales.
Kevin said: “If you cycled from England to mainland Canada, the shortest distance you could complete the trip in would be 2,080 miles. Obviously, you cannot cycle across the water, so I decided to recreate the distance doing a tour around the UK.”
During his cycling trips, Kevin travels solo and sleeps in a hammock. He said: “This year’s challenge was one of the toughest I've ever endured. Twenty one days sleeping in a hammock, and cycling 99 miles a day, really takes its toll on the body and mind.”
 Lake District.jpgKevin added: “There were times when I had injuries and I thought I may not be able to go on. During these hard times you have to unlock your inner mental strength that helps you battle on through, and keep turning the pedals. It's the hard times that you have to endure during challenges like this that make the good moments so much sweeter.”
Kevin raised money for charity Malaria No More, which provides emergency treatment to people with malaria. He said: “I'm so glad I was able to raise a good sum of money for such a great charity. Malaria No More does amazing work around the globe, and I know the money I raised will make a massive difference to so many people’s lives. It's an honour to help the charity in this way.”
Last year Kevin cycled from his home in Guildford to Rome in 17 days, covering 1,500 miles, raising a further £300 for Malaria No More. In 2015, he also cycled solo across the USA, from Montana to Arizona.
Kevin, who studied a BSc in Sport and Exercise Sciences and an MSc in Sports Sciences at the University, now works as Head of Performance Analysis for Premiership Rugby team, Harlequins. His role includes assisting coaches in providing feedback, identifying the strengths and weaknesses of the opposition, and presenting data.
Kevin hopes to complete another cycling challenge next May when the rugby season ends.
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