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13 Mar 2017

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Former student finds dream career
Former journalism student, Saul Malpass, has succeeded in gaining his dream job and now works as the Head of digital marketing at a local Chester company.
Saul graduated from the University in 2010 with a degree in Journalism. After undertaking a placement in his second year at a digital marketing company in Northwich, he realised his passion for the industry and made it his goal to have a career in digital marketing.
He said: “I moved to Chester permanently after University as I believed it offered better working opportunities than my hometown. I began working in hotels and restaurants, which I actually really enjoyed, but I still wanted a career in marketing.”
Saul then took part in the University’s Graduate Head Start programme, run by the Careers and Employability team. The programme aims to guide and support recent graduates looking to secure employment, and help them fulfil their professional ambitions.
Saul added: “Careers and Employability at the University were a constant support. They helped me to secure placements which I attended alongside my part-time jobs. Through the connections I made, I managed to gain employment as an SEO technician.”
Five years later, Saul’s career has flourished and he now works as Head of digital marketing at Agency97, a digital marketing and web agency based in Chester. In his role, Saul is primarily concerned with ensuring new websites are fit to retain a business’s current performance, as well as looking for areas of growth and improvement.
Founded in 2011 by Chris Chapman, Agency97 has worked with a number of global PLCs, as well as working closely with well-known local businesses such as ITC Luxury Travel.
Chris, who is also a former student, previously worked at the University as a career link tutor and e-learning technologist. He said: “After enjoying my time at the University of Chester, I wanted to help other organisations gain advantage through digital media and web based technology.  In 2011, after five years of working as technical director of a large digital agency, I decided to go out on my own in pursuit of building an agency that offered great results with exceptional customer service.”
Saul added: “I was really impressed not only by Chris’s knowledge, but also by his overall approach to running an agency.”
You can find out more about Agency97 here.
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