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What are Year Note Secretaries?
Year Note Secretaries are a point of contact who provide news and information that you would like to share with your year group in our alumni magazine, The Cestrian.

The main job of the Year Note Secretary is to collate this information from former College/University friends, who have been in contact throughout the year, and submit a brief summary (350 words maximum) to include in the annual edition The Cestrian.

In addition, the Year Note Secretaries may be asked by the Alumni and Development Office to help disseminate messages about events, or important information to their contacts.


Who are the Year Note secretaries?

First name Surname
1942 John Arthurson
1943 J.L. Sellers
1945 D. Kirk
1946 A.G. Beetlestone
1948 David Lewis
1951 Geoff Griffiths
1952 Ken Wyatt
1953 Alwyn Peel
1954 David Millar
1956 Brian McDermott
1958 Bryan Harding
1958 Mid-Year Roderick Hunt
1960 Norman Johnson
1961 Mid-Year Eric Draper
1961 Tony Robinson
1964 Keith (Jim) Mitchell
1965 Colin Rodgers
1967 Timothy Denning
1967 Gillian Little
1968 Karen Tonge (née Green)
1969 Geoffrey Mackenzie
1970 Angela Parkinson
1970 Kelvin Young
1971 Susan Hector
1972 Kenneth Kay
1973 Teresa Gould (née Kawecki)
1973 Susan Jones (née Furness)
1975 Jean Hurst (née Gill)
1975 Barbara Lowe
1976 Geoffrey Parker
1977 Janet
1978 C. Doves

To get in touch with any of the Year Note secretaries above, please contact or call 01244 511091 and we will be happy to put you in touch.
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