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The Alumni Window
To commemorate the institution's 175th anniversary in 2014-15, the UCAA wanted to create a long lasting legacy to its former staff and students, who have all played a part in its history.

This led to the decision to create a commemorative Alumni Window in the Chapel. The UCAA and the University were keen to create an image that would combine the celebration of the 175 years since the foundation of the original Chester College, and today’s university.

The Chapel windows have been decorated at various dates since it was built by students in the 1840s. Each has its own story, whether in memory of a much loved tutor, or in reverence to the Bible. Members of the UCAA felt that it would be appropriate to mark the 175th anniversary of the institution by installing a permanent testimony in a north facing window of the Chapel, which can be seen and appreciated from Parkgate Road.

Following the campaign to raise funds for the Alumni Window, a special unveiling service was held in the University Chapel in June 2016. Donors who made the creation and installation of the window possible were invited, and around 80 people attended the colourful Chapel celebration.

Former students, for whom the Chapel played an important part of their College life, and still remains a special place to them now, shared their memories and reflections during the service. The Chapel’s new, modern technology (which was installed as part of the renovation work in 2015), allowed current students to share their thoughts via video.

For a detailed guide to the window, its creation and the images depicted, please take a look at the souvenir brochure which was created for the service.

Our thanks, again, to all our supporters who made the creation of the window possible.

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