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27 Jul 2015

Send us your memories!

If you studied at any of the institution’s Campuses, we would be delighted to hear your memories of your student days. Use #MyChesterStory when posting on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram so we can see them!

If you would like have your memories published below, please email

The following recollections have been sent to us by alumni...
Ivor Nichols (1949 alumnus) - ’Oh what a lovely war’
Bill Brown (1952 alumnus) - ’A peek at Chester in 1950’
Bryan Harding (1958 alumnus) - ’Reminisces of a Former Student: 1956-58’
Rod Hunt (1958 Mid Year alumnus) - ’Ring round the Bath’
Peter Baron (1965 alumnus) - ’Some reflections of College life in the early 60s’
Sharon Forsdyke (1986 alumna) - ’Memories from an Honorary Northerner’
Mike Spencer (1958 Mid Year alumnus) - ’Memories of Rag Day’
Sharon Forsdyke (1986 alumna) - ’Graduation Poem’
Rod Hunt (1958 Mid Year alumnus) - ’A Night in the Cells’

175 words – what Chester means to me… 

Many thanks to all alumni who kindly sent through their 175 words on their memories of Chester, as part of the 175th Anniversary celebrations. We very much enjoyed reading them all, two of the contributions are printed below.

Sharon Forsdyke: 1983-86

From jaunts into the city
To walking by the Dee,
I am now a Cestrian,
Here’s what Chester means to me

Friendship and community,
A roller-coaster of a ride.
I look back on my years at College,
With a huge amount of pride.

Remembering the campus, staff and lectures
Time spent studying in halls,
Fresher’s Week, Deva Mile, Rag Parade and year end balls.

A tricky teaching practice,
A fire drill late at night,
The Intercity back to London,
As Chester faded out of sight.

Guitar and piano lessons,
Choir in the chapel,
Colin Jones seated at the organ,
As Trev Slater tried to grapple

With the Altos ‘underbelly’ part,
In Christmas oratorios,
Mulled wine in the common room
As outside it lightly snowed.

Digs in Chichester and Walpole Street,
The phone queues in Garden Lane,
Weekend trips to Wigan and The Wirral
With friends I thought I’d never see again.

But steadfast and true we all remained,
And 28 years on,
We plan to keep our association
In the alumni years to come.

Dan McConnell: 2006-09

I studied Creative Writing at Chester between 2006 and 2009. I now work as an award-winning Creative Writer for the UK's biggest commercial radio group, Global Radio. Without the knowledge I gained during my time in Chester I would never have been as successful as I am today; the city is inspirational, the university is electric, and the lecturers are paragons of education.

I remember visiting the University on an Open Day, and from the moment I stepped foot on Campus you could feel the energy of the place. It felt like more than just an education institute, it felt like home. And that’s exactly what it was for the next three years of my life. I laughed, I cried, I worked, I studied, I made friends, I made girlfriends, I lost girlfriends, I explored, I discovered, I walked the Walls with a lecturer at 3am after one too many shandies discussing poetry and thinking, ‘This! This is what University should be.’

The University of Chester was more than education, it was living.

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